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Structures and Prices

There is no standard size of willow as the length of the willow rods depends on climate conditions and variety

Every structure we make is unique and varies depending on space available, and the requirements of the client, be they a school or a home-owner. So we can’t really state a standard size; length of tunnels and fences depend on space available.

So, please feel free to contact us so that we can determine your exact needs and give a free, no obligation quote for the work involved. 


Prices of Structures

  • Large Igloo
  • Small Igloo
  • Half Igloo
  • Arch
  • Pod
  • Red Willow Fencing
  • Bower
  • Tunnel
  • Tying Willow

Maintenance & Repair

The cost of maintenance and repair of willow structures varies depending on the location, situation and state of the willow structures.

We therefore recommend that you contact us to discuss the work required so that we can give you a definitive quote for maintenance and repair work.

Please bear in mind that we charge mileage for the trips to and from the work. This is charged at £0.40 per mile.